Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday:A lot Happened

This morning Dad said to me, "Buster, shake hands!"
I was sitting waiting for my corner of toast.
Then Dad said, "Buster, shake hands!" again.
Then he gave me my toast.

I asked IanDownTheHall if he had to shake hands before
he got his toast. He said,"No."

Then Mum and Claudia took me to DogPark and I went swimming.

Then I saw a little girl on a pretend horse.
I was confused.

Then I saw a place with lots and lots of golf balls.

Mum says that is New Jersey in the distance.
Where Tony Soprano lives.
He is on TV.
Now I am going to lie down.

love from


  1. I love that beseeching "shake hands" expression on Buster's face! And IanDownTheHall is pretty cute, too. How wonderful to have a dog's ability to make friends!

  2. I would give you some toast if we ever get to shake hands Buster!

  3. Buster! You are lucky- I have to do all sort of things to get toast- one thing I do not like is when my boy says 'BANG' and I fall over on my side...he thinks it is hilarious,i just love toast, so I do it. Iandownthehall is a luckier boy.

  4. Buster, you got me thinking- I don't think I've ever seen a pet on The Sopranos except Adriana's poor little dog- but you probably don't need to hear about Cosette.

  5. Love seeing your adventures, Buster!

  6. Buster, I am so glad that this hot weather has got you more comfy with cooling off in that shallow swimming pool. Just knew that you'd like it better in real summertime.

    Now. About shaking hands (paws, but you know what I mean.) What if you were the first to raise that paw/hand in the direction to your mom or dad? Bet that you'd get extra toast!

    Just a tip. xo

  7. I just can't imagine why it's taken me so long to find Buster's blog. How adorable!

  8. well i think iandownthehall SHOULD shake hands for his toast, don't ya? xxx j

  9. next time you look at NJ look for me, I go to the shoreline a lot and wish I was in Manhattan

    I think you should show IanDownThe Hall how much fun it is to shake hands

    You had a wonderful day didn't you

  10. What a day Buster! Everyone should have to shake for their toast.

  11. It is so nice that you get to go swimming at the dog park! And the shaking for toast deal - it is sooooo worth it!

  12. I love your wet little ears, Buster.
    And Edward sits for his piece of morning toast!

  13. What a busy day you have had, Buster, and a swim too! What a lucky boy you are. Shaking hands is something you have to do to keep humans amused. If it gets you your toast, it can't be too bad, can it?

  14. My goodness, what a busy day you had. You will have to sleep ALL day tomorrow to make up for it.
    Love and hugs,

  15. fabulous, fabulous blog. will be back with toast tomorrow