Thursday, July 30, 2009

Me and Knut

My human brother, who is grown up, said there were not enough pictures
 of me on this blog lately. He phoned Mum.
So here is me lying  in the stream in DogPark.

This is a cat I saw in the pharmacy window.
It gave me a mean look like a lot of the cats round here.

This is me meeting a dog whose dad did not have him on a lead.
His dad was French, I think.
Yesterday I had my first playdate.
Mum met Knut's mum.
We went to DogPark.

Knut was one of the littlest ones there.
This is him and a big schnauzer.
Mum said I should play with him, but I played with some other 
big boys and ran round and round.

Knut met a girl.

I think he likes her like I liked Darcy.
Dad says when I get home from DogPark I am wild like a
juvenile delinquent.

Here I am biting tiger's leg.

Later I helped Dad. He was touching up the white paint.
Some of it is on my fur.



  1. a juvenile deliquent!? oh no Buster, do try to be calmer when you get home, I know you can do it

    I love all your friends
    and I'm happy that Knut met a girl

    but you have my heart 100% Buster

    and thank you so much for sending me a lick on my blog - it was delightful!

  2. Buster,

    Tell you French friend that I had a heart-stopping moment a couple of weeks ago on my way to work. I was approaching a pet hospital and glanced toward the parking lot just as a little puppy, much smaller than you, broke away from its owners and raced toward the road. Seeing what was happening, I was able to stop in good time but the driver coming the other way had not noticed. He did, however, catch a glance at the panicked person racing from the parking lot yelling and waving. The driver stood on the brakes. I think his front bumper may have grazed the puppy's ears (yes, he was that small) but the little guy made it across the street and was gathered by his family with no serious injury.

    One hates to say that too much freedom is not a good thing but, with puppies, that is sometimes the case.

  3. I'm so glad you left me a comment!! I love your blog! And the pics are just fantastic. Buster has the kindest face! Is he as soft as he looks??


  4. Buster, your brother is right. There have not been enough photos of you lately. Could there ever be enough? You are so cute that I always want to see more of you. Knut is a cutie too. Consider yourself hugged!

  5. Pat, pat goes my hand on your head Buster, you cutie. A pat for Knut too.

  6. Buster, it is rude not to play with Knut when you were on a play date. But, it looks like he was distracted by the girl he met anyway! You are such a help to your dad - helping with the paint! Good boy!

  7. Looks you had a great time in DogPark and meet many friends too. But really you are the more beautiful, the more adorable I have seen! Your kind eyes on the last photo make me smile.

  8. "Dad says when I get home from DogPark I am wild like a juvenile delinquent." Buster, this made me laugh out loud!!!

  9. Buster- Your brother is right- not enough pictures of you- next to the puppies that live with me, you're the cutest dog I know. (Knute is a pretty handsome fellow, too).

    My dogs used to "help" me paint, too. I didn't mind when a little paint got on them, but I didn't like it when dog hair got stuck in what I was painting.

  10. Buster, you do make me smile.
    And you have the prettiest eyes, don't you?

  11. Buster,
    what is going on in your doggy mind when you are looking so pensive?
    I want to know your thoughts on things how the grass smelled at the park, and whether you can sense the changes in the days and the season yet... Baxter wants to know if your paws paddle when you dream like his does.

  12. Hi Buster, you and Knut have much in common... curiously friendly with those tell-tale eyes. You're a good boy helping dad with his DIY.

  13. You have the cutest face, Buster! Momma loves your freckles. Next time your dad calls you a juvenile delinquent tell him you can show him "juvenile delinquent" if he would like ;o)
    Love and hugs,