Saturday, July 25, 2009

Monsters Everywhere

This was good fun.
I was drinking from the fire hydrant.
There was lots of water.

 A small monster on 22nd Street
 had drunk a lot of Gatorade and was
trying to climb a tree.
He did not look really dangerous.

In the garden of the Half King lunch place, there was
an alligator under the pavement. He was old.
Mum put the eyes on it but she did not know how to put teeth.

This is a picture of a monster that eats too much.
He is painted on a car. Our friend Dan does not look like this.
He runs a lot.

This is my friend Tiberius.
He is not a monster.

love from



  1. Hey, Buster! Great the gatorade monster. Were you scared of the alligator? Tell your mom she did a good job. My mom wouldn't even know how to add eyes.
    Love and hugs,
    PS: I've been meaning to tell you that Twix is a candy bar here too.

  2. Wow! There are certainly a lot of monsters in your neck of the woods! It is a good thing that your mom has such a brave dog to protect her!

  3. Hey Buster... I caught another possum the other night. He looked like a monster. At least that's what my Daddy said. Daddy told me to drop him. And I did. He ran away before Daddy could find a bucket to move him someplace else, so I hope I can find him again. My Mamma doesn't seem as pleased about all this as I thought she'd be.

    Best regards,

  4. Life is full of fun isn't it Buster?

  5. Hey Buster!
    Its me Lync again. My mom is taking me and my cousin Champ to the Erie Canal tomorrow. She tells me that canals have locks. Do you think they have any monsters there? I heard my mom say that your mum comes from a place where this monster called Nessie the "lockness" lives. Do you think she has relatives in Rochester, New York? Should I stay away from the water?
    Woof Woof.

  6. Dear Lynch
    you are lucky.
    I only get to go to the dog park
    I think you will have fun!
    Nessie might be scary but I think she is in Scotland
    love from Buster

  7. thank goodness all your monsters are cute and friendly
    see what good karma you have Buster!

  8. Buster, you are such a handsome guy. I bet all the dogs want to meet you. You seem so sweet!


  9. Hi Buster,
    Not sure that you're correct about Tiberius.

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  11. Hi Buster, I like your monster pics... they are really scary but cute at the same time. Do look under your bed tonight, kay!