Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Fun and Strange People

These are some cool toys I would like.

Maybe I would bite the  beach balls.

Lots of ladies like dogs.
Mum says this lady has hair like

VittorioCarpaccio: Venetian Courtesans

a person from the olden days.....

...who had a dog like my friend Nico.

When we were at the dog park, another dog's mom said,
"Do not play in the water. I spent three hours grooming you."
I ask you! What is the point of the dog park if you don't get wet?


  1. It's nice of your mum to teach you a little art history, Buster, you never know when it well come in handy.

  2. I don't think the beach balls will be much fun to bite
    they will taste funny and stinky air will come out

    stick to the cool toys

    you are lucky to have a fun Mum who knows that the dog park is meant for getting wet

  3. well, be thankful, buster,
    you do not have
    a mom
    who will not let you play in the water...


    be thankful ♥

    {{ my mom said--> Play away, missy }}

  4. You're right. What's the use of going to the dog park if you can't get wet and have fun. ;-)

    I like the art work. Very cool about the dogs.


  5. There's more to life than being well groomed- splash away at the dog park- you're a lucky boy!

  6. Hi Buster, yes you are right, dog park would not be fun without getting wet... the lady with the olden day hair style must have a dog like Nico too.

  7. The funny hair lady reminds me of a Beryl Cook character...

  8. Life is too short to not jump into the water! Enjoy yourself!

  9. You certainly are lucky to have such a wise mom, Buster. By all means, get wet at the dog park!

  10. Hi Buster! Thanks for visiting me! I'm glad you did 'cuz my human found your human's other blogs and she wonders if your human knows her husband's uncle, who runs a boutique hotel outside Marrakech called Tigmi (Douar Tagadert)! My family has been to Marrakech twice to visit him and they adore it! Did you get to live there too or did your human adopt you in NY? I live in Westchester, not too far! You are a gorgeous pup and I do think we look a bit alike! Maybe you have some Toller in you :-)
    Your new pal,