Friday, April 24, 2009

A Big Day

I went for a long walk with Mum and Dad. We crossed 9th Avenue
  and 10th Avenue and went to the art gallery where Dad 
shows his pictures. Everyone made a big fuss of me.

Then the best bit. We went to the dog park where the big dogs go.
When I looked in I saw a big dog on a rock.

I was a bit scared going in the door.
They came to check me out.

This is me and Lazarus who would not share his ball with me.
I ran around a lot. I did not sit on the bench like 
Mum and Dad said old Skippy did.


  1. Buster, it's great to see you getting acquainted with more and more of your neighborhood. Your new chums seem quite friendly.

    Hope you are ready for spring to suddenly turn summertime-hot tomorrow. Please remember to drink lots of water!

    Best regards to your mom and dad.

  2. Maybe you can take a ball next time Buster, because I think you may get to go to the Big Dog park again. Thank you for keeping such a nice blog Buster. You give me a smile with every rufflection.

  3. Meeting new friends is always a bit scary at first but it looks like you had a good time once you met everyone. That big dog on the rock looked like he/she would make a nice friend.

  4. Hey there, Buster: Looks like you had a good day at the gallery and the park.

    Keep having fun,

  5. you look wonderful in the soft gallery light Buster! ever consider a career in modeling?

    the park looks like fun, don't let their size bother you - big dogs are still just puppies at heart

  6. Ooh, the dog park! AP and I will take yu there when we come for a visit.

  7. Awww. I love this blog. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

  8. D'Ora was also a bit afraid when she went to the dog park for the first times. In the meantime she isn't shy anymore. Buster, you are a sweet puppy!

  9. the dog park! - boy that's a place you will learn alot of stuff! I kinda doubt any of your new buddies will want to be sharing their balls....guess you'll have to take your own like Leslie said....