Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This is a squirrel up a tree by my house.
He is eating a nut.

This is another squirrel looking at me.
I want to chase him and maybe bite him.
There are some birds too, which go:
chatter chatter chatter.

When I am not allowed to chase squirrels, I sometimes sit down.
I refuse to walk.

Here is me sitting on someone else's stoop on 22nd Street.
I do not have a stoop.
If I lived here I would have a motorbike too.

This is me meeting Frankie.
She is a French bulldog and what Mum thinks is a 
'suitable' friend for me.
Quite a lot of the time I sit on the ottoman. (See below).


  1. WOOF, go over to my mom's blogerific and look at the dogs that live somewhere else- they have no squirrels, no grass, no trees- but they are the bosses of the whole place! I like where you live- you have got it all under control i see-

  2. Pat pat goes my hand on your head Buster. Kitties aren’t allowed to chase squirrels here either.

  3. don't refuse to walk! there's so much to see and do

    you know you're a really good boy :)

  4. Buster, you lucky dog! Mum is smitten with you, isn't she? I can't blame her. You're too cute! Happy squirrel chases!

    Woof Woof


  5. How adorable! In one of the photos I saw a Malthese dog just like the one in my header.