Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Lion, the Dalmation and Dad

This lion lives on 22nd Street. I hid under the bushes when I saw him.
He must have been very bad to get turned into stone.

I have got spots but this dog has better ones.
When a little girl said I looked like a hyena, Mum said not to take any notice.
It is still too hot. Hotter than it has been in my life.

The children in Pinwheel Park play in the sprinkler.

All I got is an ice cube.

Dad says I'm not such a good dancer as Skippy was
but I'm learning.

This is me and Dad.
I like it when people are lower down than me.


  1. Buster, you just have such great stuff to tell us about! Shhh, this is a secret; when I check for blog updates of all the wonderful blogs I follow, yours is the first one I read! But don’t tell anyone. Just smile!

  2. You are way too handsome to look like a hyena.

  3. Buster, you have to learn to stand on your hind legs when you are dancing!

  4. Buster!! I check your blog every morning too :)
    Don't tell my cats, they're too lazy to blog but they would still be jealous

    I think you're beautiful, that little girl was having a bad day or maybe she thinks hyenas are pretty

    Good luck with the dancing lessons

  5. You are a very handsome dog! Hyena . . .not quite! The ice cube is better than the sprinkler . .. no wet dog smell.

  6. I can see on your face how the dance steps must be a bit tricky to learn, but I bet you will pick them up very quickly - maybe the next time you see Skippy, she can give you a few pointers!

  7. Hello Buster,

    Isn't it great that today is a little bit cooler? When you were telling about the sprinkler, and cooling your paws in the water bowl, you reminded me about one of my family's dogs, and his favorite summer treat. The family set up an inflatable wading pool in the back yard, and put about 2" of water in it. That pup just loved splashing in and out of it, and then rolling around on the grass.

    (This is just an idea, Buster. You don't really have to try it yourself, but you might like it.)

    Best regards.