Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stuff I Have Been Doing

Saturday was really wet, so Dad went to the liquor store.

There was meant to be a street fair outside our house.
It was so wet no one came.

I wanted to go home. 
The lady in the green apron was giving out free Starbucks coffee.
Mum likes free stuff
 but she does not drink coffee.

Sunday: I am looking more pensive than usual.
Mum said I am a little ray of sunshine.
This is a metaphor.
Soon I will bite Dad's feet.

Yesterday I practiced my artistic skills.
My tennis ball is almost done.


  1. Hey there, Buster. You're so cute. Have to get you a new tennis ball. ;-)


  2. I cannot believe I've added a 'dog' blog to my blog roll - can hardly wait for the next post!

  3. Buster- You are a ray of sunshine- and you make me smile.

  4. Oh my is Buster precious! I can't wait to follow this little guy's progress!

  5. Please let your mom know that not only are you precious, but also very precocious. Are you quite sure that you are only 13 weeks old?

    I think that you are going to really like New York!

  6. Thank goodness for you Buster! What fun you are!

  7. Buster is sooo cute! He likes to tear things, as I see from your photos. Tennis balls never lived long with D'Ora, too, and all kinds of dogs' toys were bitten through in no time.
    As a puppy she was addicted to chasing black socks, but fortunately she never stripped the furniture :)
    Have much fun with the little fellow!