Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Friends

This is me and my Dad. 
Morning is good because the sun shines in
and Dad gives me a taste of his English muffin.

This is me and Scarlett. She is very beautiful.
She has a pink dress.

She is as lovely as a cupcake.

Sometimes she ignores me and I pretend I don't care.

Daisy is nice except you cannot see her expression very well.
Mum likes her Mum and they talk and are boring.

This is Skippy. She is old. 
Sometimes her mum takes her to the park in a stroller.
At least she goes outside to sit in the sun.
Today I got a present from Daryl.
It squeaks.


  1. well it's obvious Scarlet has a thing for you! pretending to ignore you and all - and Skippy certainly has a cool ride!

  2. I love your blog!! I have two dogs...the little Jack Russel is called Scarlett like your girlfriend. Her brother is called Harry...he is a spaniel crossed with something!! We don't speak of his father....whoever he was!! I am going to put you in my favourites:)

  3. Good Morning from Europe!
    I will ask my mum to make me such a gorgeous, funny and sweet blog, too.
    You are cute! I love puppies and as I am a Kangal I feel responsible for them...
    put your blog in my faves!!!
    Leif Gizmo from Iraq and Eastanatolia ✿

  4. Skippy is so lucky to have someone to take her out in such a cool ride

    I too think Scarlett is just being coy

    I saw you over at Daryl's place and had to come visit you

    I think I'm in love with you Buster

  5. I came by way of Daryl's blog to visit Buster. What an interesting blog, and since I love word plays - the header word "rufflections" is very clever.

  6. Dear Pouty
    My Mum's human son suggested the pun.
    Mum said it was a bit lame but I am new to jokes.
    I am a dog.
    What do I know?

  7. I came here from New York blog and that beautiful photo of you with your nose on some fluff! I like your friends :)

  8. I can never see enough of Buster's sweet face. And I love the vintage school chairs!