Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is Dad. He is looking at his computer having great thoughts about art work.
Or maybe he is checking the Moto GP.
My WeeWeePad and newspaper is behind him on the floor.

Mum was a sucker to buy WeeWeePads.

She had to sweep the floor right away.

Mum told Michael to save lots of newspaper.
One of the newspapers had a picture of the Obamas meeting the Queen.
Mum set it aside since she did not think I should pee on that.

Here I am looking noble.


  1. Welcome to the blog world, little pup!

  2. haha!! Hey're a naughty dog, look what you did with the Weeweepad. I don't even know what it is for, so I am guessing it's for peeing, so Buster..pee=weeweepad. Thanks E, I am now talking to a dog :P

  3. Buster- You ARE noble, and just a little sweetheart.

  4. ruff pup! I belong to Linda sue and my name is dexter. I am older than you so i can give you some advice- like when you are tired of walking pretend your paw has a sharpy in it and your people will CARRY you all the way home, cooing "poor baby"- brilliant.You are a mighty fine looking lad- your people will do anything and everything for you, made in the shade , Dude- I know these things! woof

  5. Pure sacrilege to pee on Obama and the Queen!

  6. That last picture is adorable:)

    Happy Easter

  7. Watch out! Buster, you are going to be more popular in blogland than your mum!

  8. My dog attacks the Wee Pad, too. When she needs to pee indoors, we let her pee on an old green bath mat with a rubber backing. It can be washed.

    Buster is so adorable!

    P.S. Good call on not peeing on the Queen (or the Obamas).

  9. Buster is a natual blogger! Lucky puppy, lucky owners --enjoy him!

  10. Any blog by a dog is worth following! But by a dog named Buster, definitely. (I guess I'm partial to the name, having a dog named Buster myself).