Sunday, April 26, 2009

Water and Stuff

Mum has put a bath mat under my water dish.

When I went for a walk I saw a dog looking out of the window.
He looked very sad.
He was there on the way back too.

I saw human puppies in Clement Moore Park.

Then I came home and put my foot in my water and splashed it all over.
I did this lots of times.


  1. Buster- Your last picture made me laugh out loud. You're my favorite puppy that I've never met.

  2. Ha, ha, what a scamp you are. Love your long dark monkey tail.

  3. human puppies!! they're everywhere Buster

    I see why you need a bath mat

    Love your face in that last shot, is that your secret smile?

  4. Oh Buster. You do find fun of your own don’t you? Sending a little scratch behind the ears for you Buster.

  5. Buster - your page is the last I visit every morning - gets my day started right!

  6. Buster you are great but a bit naughty! You should not splash all that water around.Thanks Elizabeth for sharing Buster with us and thank you for visiting!

  7. it's like that isn't Buster? - a full day and then wham, eyes just slamming shut!

  8. Hi. thanks for visiting my blog. What a sad little face at the window. lucky Buster having you!

  9. I love hearing about all your antics, Buster! You make mum and dad very happy and that is the best part of owning a human. Keep up the good work!
    One day I hope you can come and meet Abby. She is a beautiful pup and a social butterfly who has all the people at Barntique (the shops where I work) wrapped around her paw!