Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things I saw

I saw a man planting lettuce in his garden.
We go out a lot because I'm learning things.
I saw a newspaper on the ground that had a picture of Bo and a 
According to Mum this is a pun and an allusion.
Who is Bo?

Why is this alien in the street?
Did he get run over?

They were not pleased when I took stuffing out from under the ottoman.
It is a very old ottoman, at least thirty times older than me.


  1. Baxter now requires his own blog... thanks Buster!

  2. Learning things is fun isn't it Buster? You are a smart dog! Ottomans are not too good for chewing. That might make Mum a tad cranky! Our kitties think they can sharpen their claws on our ottoman. That makes their Mum cranky! Do you have a bone?

  3. Please do tell you mum that you are becoming a star, and that your mum has great talent at cropping photos to give a certain pup (yes, that is you!) star power.


  4. what a day you had Buster! the ottoman?, well, how is one to know what is for chewing and what is not? I'm sure it seemed such a good idea at the time.....

  5. Hi Buster. Sophie here. I've quickly snuck onto mum's computer while she's busy elsewhere. I've never tried chewing an ottoman but I really really like chewing shoes. They're a lot of fun! My mum doesn't think it is so much fun though. I don't know why. She has plenty. Go find some smelly old shoes to chew Buster. Even not so smelly ones are good!

    Love Sophie xo

  6. Oh, the joys of puppyhood. Why, I remember when I was a young pup, I cut my baby teeth on my mom's piano bench. Why the fuss, right? It was old--at least as old as her. You hang in there, Buster.

    XO your friend,
    Trudy from across the pond

  7. LOL! Don't worry about the stuffing from under the ottoman. I'm sure they've forgiven you. ;-)


  8. Buster, have I told you I love your soulful eyes?