Monday, April 13, 2009

My Day So Far

I did the traditional dog TP trick. It was fun.

Mum said I only get to do it once because nowadays
TP is very expensive.

Luckily Michael still likes me.

So does Luis.

On my walk I saw a lady who had the same hairstyle as her dog.
I think it is called the poodle cut.


  1. Good morning, Buster! Enjoy your walk with Mum.

  2. ah, yes, the poodle cut - I remember it well - good morning Buster!

  3. Oh Buster, what fun you are having!! The TP well I remember it. My friend, Apple, still performs that one occasionally and it never fails to make me laugh. I love that last photo of you! Perfect!

  4. Woof- my person has a hair cut like mine- unruly and messy with long ears...she looks ridiculous but I can pull it off rather nicely. TP is fun- I have eaten a fair share- I don't do that anymore- the thrill is gone.Fun thing I do now is bark at the door and then refuse to go out...woof woof, my people always fall for that one.

  5. If need be, I can mail you a roll of TP. It is worth the postage to see the cute photos.

  6. Yes, Buster it is a universal law that dogs and their persons look similar.

  7. LOL! Now, how did you get your paws on the toilet paper. Looks like you had fun. ;-)


  8. Hi Buster, love seeing your amazing adventures! Sounds you had a great fun!

  9. Oh Elizabeth! I just noticed Buster's Blog. Too, too cute!