Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Have Ear Mites

I was itching my ears.

Dad said I should go to the doctor.

The lady held me and the doctor put Q-Tips in my ears.
I have ear mites.

While Mum was paying the BILL, I met a hound. He is 11.


  1. I hope you are fine now.
    Did I told you that you look so adorable?

    My dog Flora send a kiss to you.

  2. oh man, it's always something isn't it Buster! hope old hound hooked you up with some good advice......

  3. Buster, You're a brave boy to go to the doctor. I hope you stop scratching soon.

  4. Poor Buster! My mom cleans my ears with q-tips all the time too. I hate it. Love, Trudy

    PS Floppy ears are the best, though. My mom loves mine :-)

  5. oohhhoooohhh,

    you may be the reason i finally get a pooch....


    {{ after travels are over }}

  6. Take care of those mites. I had rabbit with ear mites and the vet had to use extra long Q-tips to clean them out......

  7. Dear d.moll,ac:

    Mum and Dad put ear drops in. They should work.


    Puppy love is infectious.......

  8. I never did have ear mites but if I had i would be a big baby and get loads of OHHHS and AHHHs just like my mom does every time she reads your post...

  9. Hei Buster!
    Hope you have the ear mites under control now?
    They can be nasty little terrorists!
    We floppy ears do have a tendence to get them; I was fortunate so far; they never bothered me!
    Get well,
    Tailwags from Germany
    •*♥*• •*♥*• •*♥*•
    Gizmo and mum