Friday, June 5, 2009

A Good Day

We went to see Mum's friend Frances.
Her friend gave me two cookies. I did not wreck the shop.
Then I saw a man sitting up very high. He did not move.

There were lots of green plants and stuff there.
And a dog park.

I met Moustache. She is the same age as me.

Then I met another puppy the same age as me.
All three of us ran and ran.

How can you be bored in a dog park?

Then we had a drink.

In the afternoon I had a drink at another place.
Mum thought the bowl was good so she took a picture of it.


  1. Hello Buster,

    It was great seeing you again ... you are growing up so quickly. Please do come back for another visit soon. All my colleagues think you are lots of fun and very well behaved.

    We have lots of biscuits!

    Best wishes to your mom, too.

  2. adam must really love dogs to leave that beautiful bowl out

    you are getting big
    it must have been great fun to run around

    moustache is a great name!

    Buster is still best :)

  3. I have to tell you, Buster, that for a brief moment before you arrived your mum was thinking of getting a rabbit. I see now you are in fact the perfect companion for your mum and dad. For one thing there are no rabbit parks.

  4. Buster- you look like you have a full out grin in the picture of you running in the dog park. Glad your summer is off to a fun start with lots of friends.

  5. Buster, I'm so glad that it stopped raining and you got to have a good run with your new mates!

  6. Hey Buster,
    My mum takes me to a dogpark where they serve me puppachionos. Special dog milk fluffed up with liver sprinkles. It isnt so good, but mum gets such a kick out of getting me one, I play along.