Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Sister Arrives and Meets Me and Knut

Claudia says I am a very handsome guy.

She walked me to the dog park. Adam went too.

We met Benny who has a cool ride to the park.
He sits in a bicycle basket.

On the way home we met Knut. He was on his
 way to get his rabies shot. I told him it did not hurt much.

Claudia said hello to Knut.

When we got home she looked through all the photos of me.
She liked this one where I am looking noble and pensive.

Love from


  1. Buster, you lucky dog. Your sister is so beautiful! I can tell she likes you an awful lot. Yes, I agree, that last portrait of you is very good.

  2. Beautiful family, and cool dogs. You are handsome Buster, and brave, and funny, and sweet, and pensive, and noble.....

  3. oh, that is a portrait...get it on the wall!

  4. I love your 'noble and pensive' shot Buster - oops didn't mean to say shot, sorry Knut

    Your sister is very beautiful

    You truly have a wonderful family

  5. OH, that noble brow and distinguished nose...Buster you are the master! :o) So happy you are having fun with Claudia...Your friend Knut is so cute too. But not as cute as you! ;o) ((HUGS))

  6. Your sister has good taste! That photo of you is wonderful! It caught your good side!

  7. Buster! you are a hellova dog. i wish you could come to africa and meet bella, tigger and pasha. you would like them. and here there is more grass and space than you could shake a stick at...xxx janelle

  8. oh and i forgot to mention, you pee and poo anywhere you like here...there aren;t any rules...or "dog parks"... x j

  9. Hi Buster.. you're cute.. I been lookin at your pictures and wow you have lots of funs.. and know lots of peoples..

    good job
    Bell girl

  10. What fun you had with your sister and her friend. I love your portrait. You DO look noble and pensive.