Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I get an Award and a Hairbrush

Hero from Malaysia gave me an award. He said it means,
 "Your blog deserves to be shot."
I was scared. Then Mum says 'shot' means filmed.

I am in Mum's chair. It is comfy.

Dad is brushing me with my new hair brush.

After I had my hair brushed, I went out and talked to girls.

I am trying to figure out why Shadow is interested in Mum's foot.

Some of my friends at the dog park have funny faces.
The white one is Yankee.
That is Savannah sitting on a rock.


  1. I see you're watching Dad's every move
    and guarding Mum's foot
    You're a good boy

  2. Hi Buster, the dogs at the park sure have funny faces... Savannah looks like a pirate :)

  3. oh buster you are so good
    i have you with my Earl Grey
    who most likely at some point in time
    had a good dog
    like you...


    {{have you seen stephanie's video
    of millie and olive?
    if not,
    you should pop in over there
    and look at Rodrigvitz Style.
    it is right up your alley, so to speak. }}