Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rats, Cats and Vans

This is a pretend rat. 
He is very big and has ugly whiskers.

What would you think if you looked up at this?

This cat in the vet-down-the -road's window is
pretending to be peaceful.

When I looked at her sister, she flew at me.

This is a van with party supplies.
Dad sometimes calls me a "Dogopotomus".
Maybe one day I will have a party and invite people.

This van delivers my Science Diet to the shop across the road.
If it was all Science Diet it would last me about a billion years.

love from Buster.


  1. Buster, I think a lot of people and their pooches would come to your party.

  2. Love the vet's kitty - every business needs security!!

  3. Buster- I bet you a biscuit that that big mouse thing would pop if you put a tooth in it's leg. I would come to your party but it is far from here- more far than the sewage treatment plant. There is an off leash area where I meet friends and we run. You live far away- I could not run to get there, though I am a pretty good runner.

  4. it's fun to see things from your perspective!

    I bet you would be the life of your party!!

  5. Hello buster... by the looks of it you're not a huge fan of cats, but perhaps you'd like to watch this video:

    Can you play any musical instruments?

  6. Dear Buster,
    Cat's all think they rule! They act like they have superiority complex, yet probably they are really covering up fear. I love cats and dogs. They are really very nice creatures, most nicer than many people. This is true!