Friday, June 19, 2009

Squirrels, Cats and Stuff

This is one of Fatty's relatives in Madison Square Park.

This lady brought her cat so it could give it a mean look.

I'm glad the cat isn't looking at me.

We went to Chelsea Florist to buy a pot for my grass.
This is their cat looking at me.

This is the cat from the deli who hissed at me.
The shop cats round here are pretty tough.

Oscar is not. He sat next to Mum at the dog park.

love from


  1. Buster, I always love your posts, but I'm sad that this one didn't have pictures of you.

  2. Whew- Oscar- FINALLY a friendly face!

  3. Oscar looks friendly - and I bet he doesn't like mean cats either! Have a good weekend Buster!

  4. Dear Buster:
    I am a cat person BUT I <3 U!

  5. Oscar looks like a sweetheart. Cats lack an esprit de corps, I think.

  6. but where is your beautiful face!?

    Oscar is very cute

    remember what I told you, cats are not as mean as they act - they're just very very careful
    and very suspicious and a wee bit wacky

    have a wonderful weekend

  7. Buster, it was wonderful to see you again today. You grow more handsome, polite and suave with every week.

    I wish that I could have spent more time giving you some more pats and scratching behind your ears. The shop staff think you are wonderful. They do not bring out the water bowl for just anyone.

    Best wishes.

  8. Yes, where's Buster? So many sweet faces here...but missing yours especially buddy :o)

  9. Buster, you have quite an exciting life! And you seem to be meeting quite a lot of cat dignitaries too. I'm sorry one of them hissed at you....we cats have this automatic reflex whenever we see a dog - hissing! But I won't hiss, I promise.

    Miss Kitty