Thursday, June 4, 2009

More about Fatty and a New Guy

No, I do not have a thing about Fatty.
I just do not like it when people with beady eyes
sit in trees and make noises at me.
Would you?

I am making a hole by the community garden fence.

This is where they keep the flowers locked up so they do not
bite through wires when their parents are out.

This is Knut. 
All the dog mums go: "OOOOOh! Isn't he cute!"

"Can I take a picture of Knut?"

Other people get bored when Knut is having his picture taken.

Luckily we met one of my friends on the way home.
We ran round and around for a bit.

When we got home I helped Michael clean up in front of the building.

Love from Buster


  1. Free the flowers! Free the flowers!!

    (Great post)... Buster is the perfect pooch.

  2. Knut may be cute to some now, but he doesn't have his own blog, you are the most important, Buster.

  3. So many cute dogs! Today I walked with three other women and two dogs through the countryside. The dogs were bounding around in the open fields . . . that is what utter joy looks like. Does Buster ever visit the country, or is he firmly a city dog?

    Those irises are spectacular!

  4. Knut is very adorable but you're #1 with me Buster!!

  5. I'm really sad that Buster can't play on grass every day as all our other dogs have. Nothing like a good stream or pond and fields and so on.
    So I try to keep him busy with long walks and visits to the dog park and upstate.
    Maybe this summer we will be in the country for a week and chase seagulls on the beach.......

  6. You have a very good Mum don't you Buster? Pat, pat goes my hand on your head.

  7. I totally agree with you, I wouldn't want some beady eyed creature making noises at me.


  8. I love your days, buster. You have fun parents. Mine watched the box the other night while I chewed on a sock. It was about how the dogs will take over after the humans never come back. Sad news for little dogs like me- we will become food for the bigger dogs.I have a squirrel friend too, he runs away and I chase him and it's good fun.
    Licky licky sniff

  9. Knut really is very cute.

    And I love those yellow sandals!

  10. I hope squirrels run fast and dont get caught too often by dogs and cats..