Sunday, June 14, 2009

Me on 5th Avenue and in the Dog Park

We were walking to Union Square when I saw stripes.

Then I saw a purple goat.
This is not a normal color for goats.

This is my suave, man-about-town look.

We went to the dog park at Union Square,
but some of the dogs were wild
and some hung out with their mums and dads.

A boy looked at me in the vegetable market.

Another one did on the way home.

In the afternoon, Mum and Dad took me to the regular dog park.
Me and my friend looked at the water for a long time.
It is very interesting.

Some big dogs went in the swimming pool.

love from Buster


  1. Hey Buster!

    You're really growing very nicely. Getting bigger and bigger. Keep having a good time with mum, dad and your friends.


  2. I love these Buster-bites of a dog's life in NY -they never fail to make me smile. Thank you,Buster, for sharing. One day, I hope we will meet for real. x

  3. Even before I read the caption for your "suave, man-about-town look", I was thinking what a handsome dog you've become.

  4. WOWF you are handsome! The lady who owns the purple goat also has her legs in chicken wire- they probably live in the country when they are not Kept in a glass thing, like the doggie day care guys.. your city is very interesting.

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  6. sorry buster, i forgot to put the link on my last post... i'll try again.

    do you know this dog?

    he's very talented!

  7. Buster says he has views Bazooka's board tricks and they are

  8. Buster, some of those up town dog parks can be quite snooty...

  9. I, too, have noticed how much your growing (and looking good!).

  10. hey, there, buster*brown
    you are so cool
    in your

    suave, man-about-town look!


    {{ i am enjoying your pup's eye view of NYC }}

  11. Hi Buster, I've been following your NYC adventure and tag you for an award. Do drop by to pick it up. Cheers!

  12. I love your blog....just read it for the first time today.

  13. Oh Buster, you are indeed the "man about town" So handsome!

  14. you are very suave!

    those big dogs are taking up the whole pool, it's very nice of you to wait your turn