Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miscellaneous and Some Big News

This is a picture of me on a post.
It means I cannot go there even though I am sitting nicely.
I do not get it.

This is a cat called Oliver whose family take him for a walk on a lead.
He likes birds and bugs.

Because my sister is coming from England
 next week, my mum bought me a new lead.

Then I sat in a puddle and my new lead got wet.

Then I tugged on my lead.
Mum says my new lead makes my collar look shabby.


  1. Nice new lead, Buster... pre-puddle that is! Hope you have fun with your sister in town soon! Hi & hugs to your mum! :o)

  2. Oh Boy Buster! A visit from your sister! No wonder Mum is getting you all dolled up. You look nice Buster.

  3. Re-decorating generally has that effect!

  4. Oh Buster, you are so adorable! Love seeing your adventures in NY!

  5. Hello Buster,

    Great to hear that you'll soon have your sister visiting.

    Don't worry much about that lead, wet or dry. Accessories are only accessories. Remember that you are suave, and even debonair, and very cool. Hard to remember that you are still a puppy.

    Best wishes.

  6. Hey there Buster,

    The picture says no dogs allow to sit... it means you are allow to go there but not allow to sit there :) Nice leash btw.

  7. Buster,

    Perhaps you could persuade a friend to replace the silouette of the puppy with one of a by-law enforcement officer. You could then watch as he tried to grab his own collar the way you chase your tale.

  8. how exciting that your sister is coming to visit!!

  9. I am very confused, Buster. Are you sure you have a sister coming from England? I find it very hard to think out doggy associations, as it is! But, still, I always find you very amusing.

  10. Hi Buster! I hope you have a great time with your sister. Can't wait to read about it and see the photos.

  11. uh oh...Buster., I feel a fashion crisis looming..