Friday, June 26, 2009

I Win a Cool Prize and Later Take a Nap

Mum put my name in for a giveaway from our friend Linda Sue.
We won !!!
Maybe I will give these underpants to Fatty if she promises to be 
nice to me.

This is me with one of my old toys. 

This is me  waiting for Dad outside the supermarket.

I did not know my friend Knut from across the road was so famous.
They put his picture on a van. I saw it on my walk.

Then I had a nap.
Love from


  1. Buster, You just couldn't be any more angelic looking than when you're taking a nap.

  2. Congratulations on winning that prize, Buster!

    You are so sweet to consider donating it to Fatty.

    Have a great weekend exploring more of your city.

    Best wishes.

  3. Buster, you are the cutest thing ever. You make me want a dog so bad, but I'm allergic to them which is very sad. Those underpants will look very funny on Fatty!

  4. If Fatty wears those underpants she'll never get pregnant again!

    I love the photo of you sleeping, I want to give you giant kisses

  5. All squirrels should have underpants. That's a nice blue tying together the picture of you waiting for your dad, you are a clever art director.

  6. I always smile when I come visit you Buster! Underware would be fun to play tug-o-war with; you pull one end and Mum or Dad pulls the other. Then they might fit a really big friend.

  7. You are LUCKY! You must be a secure pup to wait like that without crying crying crying- I cry. I will not be left alone because I am such a baby, that's how I for me!

  8. Buster has interesting dark patches just like that squirrel.

    SWEET picture of baby sleeping.

  9. Congratulation on your award, Buster!
    I agree with Beth, you looks angelic and adorable taking a nap.

  10. Oh what a lovely blog Buster. My dog is also called Buster and is almost as handsome as you!! Pop over and see me....

  11. Love from D'Ora in Vienna to Buster! She is taking a nap beside me, too :)

  12. You look very well behaved patiently waiting for your dad on the supermarket. You are so adorable, did you know that? :o)

  13. Buster, you are SOOOOO cute. Congrats on your award. How nice you are to think about sharing it with Fatty. ;-)