Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Get More and More IMPORTANT!

I got a parcel for the first time in my life.
It had my name on it.

Dad said, "It's just like Christmas!"
When it was Christmas I was four days old.
I do not remember it well.
This is Dad showing me my parcel.

This is what came out of my present!

It is a big round bed. It is speckled like me!

The label said Quality, Comfort and Style.
Look at me in my bed!

I am now in charge of security for our building.
I am checking the monitors. I will bite all the bad people.
Mum says if I get any more important I will be

love from

My bed is from Bowsers Pet Products
available through All Modern.com


  1. Buster - insufferable? Never!

  2. You look color coordinated and stylish on your bed Buster! How nice your new bed came with a chew toy attached. I hope you don’t have to work too many hours on your new security job. There must be puppy labor laws.

  3. Oh Buster Pup- You look so handsome on your new sit upon!

  4. Buster- you'll have great doggy dreams on that handsome bed. And I bet everyone else in your building sleeps better knowing that you're in charge of security.

  5. And a chew toy attached to your bed!

  6. Buster, it was wonderful to have you visit yesterday. You are much more handsome than those photos hint.

    You have lovely manners, knowing just how to expectantly sit in anticipation of a biscuit. Or two.

    Your new bed is fabulous. You are so stylish, you summon up the best modern designers.

    Best wishes.

  7. Hi Buster, I found you via Beth over at Gathering Dust. I have been enjoying all your adventures and I have to say " you have a very stylish bed"


  8. Buster - you are one handsome and sanguine doggy dude. I hope you are comfy and sleep well on your new bed.

  9. Great bed Buster! Do you enjoy being a security guard?;^}

  10. I can't imagine you ever being insufferable, regardless of your celeb status always remember where you came from ;)

    the bed is perfect for you!!

    will you be using the box for another art installation? it is an interesting shape

  11. I can't believe that I've been missing out on the pleasures of Buster's Blog! Each post is a perfect story for children (or adults). I'm going to let your friend Camille know about this one; she can enjoy Buster vicariously!

  12. Oh Buster! Edward and I think that bed is just so "you"! And isn't it comfortable?!

    We love your sweet ears!!