Friday, June 12, 2009

The Doctor and More about Knut

I went to the doctor for my check-up. I am fine. I weight 29 lbs.
I licked the young man's ear.

Then I licked his hand to see if there were any dried liver treats left.

There was a little cat who needed a home.
My family do not need any more pets. They have me.

Mum said people looked after their animals even in history.
They looked in their mouths and washed their feet.

We met Knut and we played for a bit.
Then some girls came and said, "May we pet the puppy?"
"He is so cuuuuuuuute!"
They were not talking about me.

But I like Knut anyway.
When he is not a baby, we will play more.


  1. Oh Buster, you make me smile! Opie lives with us
    here in Virginia and feels much the same way about
    squirrels. Keep on telling us about your life.
    Patty, Bob and Opie

  2. the man at the vet's office is very interesting!

    do you have any tats Buster?

    knut is cute but you're my #1 Buster

  3. Girls are programmed to like little puppies, kittens and little people. It’s nothing personal, Buster. I held a wiggly puppy last week and he peed on me! I like you the best Buster!

  4. I love all of the oranges and blacks (and that wonderful swirling tattoed arm) in the first photo.

    Puppies are cute, yes, but grown-up girls appreciate a good personality!

  5. Our friend is also our vet..

    So when he comes over, Baxter backs into the wall so that he cant use that scary thermometer he sometimes has...

  6. I like our vet too. He has liver treats too! I'm allowed out in the garden now, so long as I don't chase any birds ( have hurt my leg). Like your puddle dance too Buster!

    Love Bryn

  7. I agree with Bee- cute is one thing, but Buster, you have soul.

  8. It is good to have friends.
    I have a friend named Daisy. We bark at the fence occasionally, but we really like each other.
    Best regards from Edward.